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A problem that men have difficulty in understanding is that women feel a psychological need for emotional fluctuations, sadness, and worry. It is unrealistic and impossible to expect a woman to be happy all the time.

They need men to experience these feelings. When they feel weak and unhappy, they look for shoulders to lean on and arms to support them. It is unrealistic for a woman to try to make herself happy by shopping. Sometimes spouses get revenge by getting angry with their spouse and spending their money on useless things.

However, shopping for instant gratification leaves women who have never opened the packages and artificially satisfy their hunger for love and attention. Women and children are the targets of the consumption sickness brought about by modern life. The uncontrolled shopping of women who have developed aesthetic concerns is increasing by keeping their sexual identities at the forefront.

However, we can say that shopping is not just about material things, but the rules of shopping are also valid in emotional life. The laws of psychology say that those who are generous in love will receive their feelings generously. The sexes should not expect from the opposite side to meet each other’s emotional needs. The parties’ view of the issue from different angles may prevent the needs from being met fully. For example, although a woman’s need for attention remains the same, a man can focus his attention on his work after marriage.

This results in the woman’s lack of relevance. But since the woman will not stop asking for attention, she will continue to search for her differently according to her personality type. Smart women do not activate men’s defensive instincts. If they care and support their emotional need for confidence, competence and success, they see that they are given love, care, understanding and value. Man’s self-confidence is harmed by his wife’s endless complaints and dissatisfied attitudes.

He answers this by reacting according to his personality and as a result communication accidents occur. When a woman approaches a man with appreciation, approval and praise, he will receive a response from the man with respect and understanding.

When the man gives the woman the right to the sadness and the troubles resulting from it, she will encounter the feelings of approval and appreciation directed at the woman. Finding with the support of her husband throughout her life, the woman will give the man the encouragement, appreciation and loyalty he needs. It is He Who Makes Women Unhappy. Human beings are very prone to seek miracles in solving their problems.

a woman with a younger man. cheer: all | today. (see: person with a younger man). Is it a really bad idea to be with a young man than yourself? I mean, if a woman is with a younger man for just this reason, you will feel incomplete, and sometimes someone younger than you is all.

He loves easy and effortless remedies. He attributes the responsibility of the matter to a cause other than himself. Especially unhappy women seek the problem for reasons such as economic problems, lack of understanding and lovelessness of their spouse. So they have a good excuse for doing nothing. However, as a person gets to know himself, he will help himself, so his head will stand higher, be stronger and happier.

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